Why Not Rent?

There are two ways to get a home. You can buy a home, or you can rent one. If buying a home is unaffordable, why not rent a flat somewhere instead?

Flat living does have some benefits. You get the freedom to move when you want. Your landlord has to take care of repairs and maintenance. And it’s cheaper… isn’t it?

Sadly, families are finding out just how wrong that is! A study last year proved that it is cheaper to buy in every part of the UK compared to renting if you’re a first-time buyer. You can save over £2,268 per year on average according to Santander Mortgages.

That’s great, but there’s a big assumption with the study. It assumes the buyer raises a deposit of 24% and pays 2.48% interest over 25 years. And getting that deposit together is easier said than done.

There are a lot of benefits to buying a home. The financial side is clearly better over the long term. Brits love to own homes and are proud of putting down roots. And if you want to start a family, it’s much easier to do it in a home. But people aren’t getting the chance to do that because the costs are too high to get onto the property ladder.

So they have to rent to stay in any home, but that’s more expensive than buying and budgets are already stretched thin! It’s a lose-lose situation. Is it no wonder that there’s a whole generation called Generation Rent?

Will we have a whole generation paying rent after they’re retired because prices are far too high? It’s a tragedy. And the ones who cannot even afford to rent are forced into homelessness or delaying their dreams for far too long.

Is it any wonder then that skill competitions like ours are taking off? We all want the chance to live in our own home! For just the cost of a ticket (£10.50 each) and the right answer to a question, you can get a good home in a good location without slaving away for decades to scrape together a deposit.

If luck is on your side, it really is that simple! Don’t believe us? Take a look at our full contest rules and the photos of the house. With just one ticket and a few months of time (or weeks depending when you’re reading this!), you can get away from your annoying flatmates and even more annoying landlord and get your foot onto the property ladder.

Have you bought your ticket yet?

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