How It Works

Better Chances offers people the chance to win a home or a cash prize. In order to enter you need to fill in the entry form and answer a simple math puzzle, then select the amount of entries you want to purchase and make the payment to complete your entry.

Only successful entries will be entered into the prize draw. We cannot disclose if your answer is right or wrong, this is to make sure we keep it as fair as possible for all entrants and comply with Gambling Commission rules and regulations.

BIG NEWS! We need 120,000 tickets sold to give away the house. With everyone shut in at the moment, we want to give YOU a better opportunity to win.

Tell everyone you know about the competition. We’re still running, and each ticket brings us closer to the goal! The draw will be carried out by an impartial third party company Sterling Lotteries. We will contact the winner to tell them of their good fortune!

What could you win? It depends on how many tickets we sell. If we do not receive 120,000 paid entries by the closing date, the prize will not be the house but a cash prize. The cash prize will be 50% of the total amount of payments received less the transaction fees.

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Let the journey begin. Good Luck!!!
In the event that we do not receive 120,000 paid entries by the Closing Date, the prize will not be the Prize but will be a cash prize which will be 50%* of the total amount of Payments received less the transaction fees.

*The 50% figures refer to all entry fees received but excludes the payment processing fee. For example if 100,000 tickets were sold at £11, total entries would be £1,100,000 less payment processing fees would be £1,000,000. Therefore the winner would receive 50% of £1,000,000 which is £500,000.
Success! The winner will receive the house. We will pay all stamp duties and other legal fees required.

For full details about the contest, please read our full terms and conditions at this link.
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