About Us

Meet our Directors!
Andrei and Alexios are long time friends.

With Better Chances the two friends want to be able to offer people the opportunity to win a house and various other goods at much better odds than any other competition.

1 in 45,057,474
of winning the
National Lottery Jackpot
1 in 120,000
with Better-Chances

Better Chances is a skill competition where one lucky winner will get the keys to their dream home.

Why scrape together thousands upon thousands of quid to get money for a deposit, when you can enter a house a skill competition and possibly win the home of your dreams for less than the price of a good meal?

By purchasing tickets, you’re getting one step closer to freedom… no more rent, no more mortgage. Just blue skies and better chances.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to buy your ticket now.

Don't miss your chance

You Could  
  This House!

The home in our contest is at Borehamwood, UK. It is a part-single, part two-storey extension with a new roof. It has been fully refurbished from top to bottom by us. Our home now has the following features:

Master Bedroom:

Child Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom:

Kitchen Features:

Ground Floor Features:


Heating, Cooling & Corridor:

Bathroom Features:


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